Night-time snook battles

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Night time Snook Fishing

Brian B. and I went fishing last evening again. We started out throwing the castnet for bait. We loaded up with finger mullet. After fishing the bridges for a couple of hours and not really getting bites we headed out to the Inlet. It was just getting dark about 7:30PM as we started going out the inlet towards the opening to the Ocean. The wind was just starting to calm down from the 15 to 20 Knots.

I managed the boat in the choppy seas in order for Brian to be able to target his casts to the rocks which line the Inlet. It wasn’t five minutes before the big Snook ate the finger mullet Brian cast. After a spectacular show of the Snook jumping and doing everything he could to get away, I held the net for Brian to guide the Snook in to it . When it is a dark night like last night, I held the spot light to get the best look at the Snook for netting.

One hour later Brian B. caught another battling Snook. This one measured 26 inches. The slot is 28 inchs to 32 inches on the Atlantic side of Florida in order to take one home. This lucky Snook is enjoying his freedom allowing one of us to catch him again when he grows up.

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