The Snook are Baaaack!!

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Snooks are Back

I took Brian and Dane fishing in Fort Lauderdale. We left the dock at 5PM. We fished for an hour before finding the bait school in the inlet. Brian threw the net one time and as you can see he filled it. We had hundreds of pilchards for the live well. We caught a dozen mullet at the dock as we were putting the boat in.

The tide started to fall at 9PM. Dane hooked and lost a huge Snook . Dane then brought a keeper snook to the boat and after touching the leader it cut the hook off with its gill plate and we lost it. The sea in the inlet was two to three feet waves making it harder to net that fish in time. Brian saved the day with catching Two beautiful 29 inch slot fish. Dane caught another one before the night was over. It was a great night of catching.

The Snook population is coming back since the freeze of January 12, 2010 when thousands of Snook were lost all over Florida. Many went to deeper water to survive. All in all it was a great time for Brian, Dane and me.

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